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MeetMe integrates your Office 365 calendar seamlessly, and allows external users to book meetings and calls with you directly.

It will allow you to add multiple calendars from other 365 accounts too, consolidating your meetings and appointments across multiple organizations, or personal calendars, into a single booking module.

The system dynamically hides unavailable slots so you are never double-booked.

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Simple Pricing, Suited To Your Needs

Choose between two pricing plans, each with optional features

Monthly Plan

$8.00 per user
+$50.00 Own branding, logo
+$100.00 Custom domain

How It Works

Discover how simple it is to set up MeetMe and start scheduling conferences.

Define Your Schedule

Define your schedule across multiple calendars.

Define Your Schedule

Share Your Link

Share your link with customers, add it to your email signature or add it to your website. You can also have your own domain.

Share Your Link

Be Available

Customers will see your availability and book accordingly, and the system will send them a link to join the call.

Be Available


MeetMe is packed with a lot of useful features, from the ability to manage multiple calendars to the possibility of custom branding, making the task of managing your appointments a breeze.

2-way Office 365 Calendar Sync

2-way Office 365 Calendar Sync

MeetMe seamlessly integrates your Office 365 Calendar adding events automatically to ensure you are never double booked.

Manage Multiple Calendars

Manage Multiple Calendars

MeetMe supports consolidating multiple Office 365 calendars into one single calendar allowing for personal appointments to be kept outside of your work calendar.

Get Confirmation and Reminders

Get Confirmation and Reminders

Emails are sent to your clients to confirm their appointment with you and then a reminder is sent 24 hours prior, if booked well in advance, and again 1 hour before the appointment time.

Manage Your Entire Team

Manage Your Entire Team

Your entire team can set their availability so clients can book directly with them.

Unlimited Bookings

No limits on the number of booking you schedule or the number of users you add.

Multiple Calendars

Supports consolidating multiple Office 365 calendars into 1 single calendar allowing for personal appointments to be kept outside of your work calendar.

Time Zones

Time zones are displayed automatically based on browser location/settings meaning your customers will see your time in their local time.

SMS Reminders

Send up to two SMS reminders for scheduled appointment.

Email Reminders

Send up to two reminders at set intervals prior to the appointment.

Set Buffers

Set a buffer time before an appointment can be scheduled.

Set Limits

Set a limit on how far into the future customers can book appointments.

Custom Branding

Customize your emails with unique brand elements as also your own custom domain hosted by us!

Show Availability

Display only the calendar dates when staff are available. Users can log in and set their own schedules from anywhere, any time.


Calendar can be shown in any language automatically!

Minimum Notice

Set a lead time to avoid last minute meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept payment with all major debit or credit cards.

Am I tied into a contract?

No, you can simply cancel at anytime and we will stop processing any further payments.

What security measures does MeetMe take to protect my data?

MeetMe uses industry-standard techniques to protect your information and adheres to the strictest privacy and security policies.